Pottery Studio

Here at Emily Charlotte, we have built ourselves a cosy pottery studio!

We are not only making our own handmade ceramics which are sold in store, but we also offer pottery sessions and workshops!

These are all hand building sessions (for now!) where you can learn the core techniques of hand building ceramics:

pinch, coil and slab pots!

Unleash your creativity and discover the joy of pottery with us. We offer a range of exciting experiences and products for all ages and occasions:


Pottery Making Workshops 
Join our hands-on pottery making workshops and learn the art of shaping clay, hand-building techniques, and glazing. No prior experience required! 

We offer weekly 2 hour sessions where you can join us in the studio to make anything you like. You'll have full tuition and all of the materials you need are included!

You can book a single session (£22.50) or a block of 4 sessions at a discounted rate (£80).

These session run on Tuesdays and Saturdays, 10am - 12pm and 1pm - 3pm.


Paint a Pot Sessions 
Get creative and let your imagination soar! Our paint a pot sessions allow you to choose from a selection of ceramic pieces and unleash your inner artist with a palette of vibrant colours. Perfect for individuals, groups, or parties.

Baby Hand and Footprints
Capture those precious early moments with our baby hand and footprint ceramics. Preserve the tiny hands and feet of your little ones in a beautifully crafted ceramic piece. It's a cherished keepsake that you and your family will treasure forever. Contact us for more information and to schedule an appointment.


Pottery Parties 
Celebrate special moments with a unique pottery party experience. Whether it's a birthday, hen do, or team-building event, our pottery parties offer a fun-filled atmosphere where guests can create their own masterpieces. Contact us to plan your unforgettable party.

Personalized Ceramic Gifts 
Looking for a meaningful and personalized gift? Our collection of ceramic gifts can be customized with names, dates, or special messages. From mugs and ornaments to plates and vases, find the perfect keepsake for your loved ones.

Take Away Painting Kits 
Can't make it to our studio? Enjoy pottery painting in the comfort of your own home with our take-away painting kits. Each kit includes a ceramic piece and a selection of underglaze. Once your piece is finished, just return it to Emily Charlotte and we will fire it for you!

Gift Vouchers
Share the joy of pottery with our gift vouchers. Treat someone special to a memorable experience or let them choose their own pottery piece from our collection. Vouchers are available in various denominations and are valid for 12 months.


 Pottery Painting Tips!

Prep the surface!
Before you start painting, ensure your ceramic piece is clean, dry, and free from dust or contaminants.

Pencil will burn off!
Any pencil drawings on your pot will burn off in the kiln, you won’t be able to see it when it’s been fired! You will only see the glaze (ceramic paint).

Just add water!
Give your underglaze a good stir before use and if it’s too thick, you can always add a little bit of water to thin them out.

Light to Dark!
We always recommend starting with lighter colours and gradually moving towards darker ones. It’s easier to correct mistakes when working this way!

Layer up!
The outcome of your design will depend on how many layers of underglaze you apply. If you want a translucent wash of colour, we recommend 1 coat. If you want a solid block of colour, we recommend 3 coats. Allow layers to dry first before applying the next.

Mix them up!
You can mix your glazes to make any colour you want!

Made a mistake?
If you make a mistake, gently wipe away the wet underglaze with a damp sponge or cloth. If the underglaze has already dried, it can either be scraped away with a pin tool or sanded off with sandpaper.

Fire away!
Once your piece is finished, it’s ready to fire. When it comes out of the kiln, the colours will be much brighter and more vibrant! They will have a lovely glossy finish too.

No dishwashers please!
Your pot is now ready to use, but please be sure to hand wash your item. We want them to last a lifetime!


If you're interested in booking one of our pottery sessions, please get in touch!

We look forward to seeing you in the studio! 🙂 

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