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'Time for Dreaming' Candle Set

'Time for Dreaming' Candle Set

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Ten pure beeswax candles, ceramic star shaped holder. Presented in a beautiful gift box.

Indulge in daydreams and drift away

Set aside an hour a day. Everyone deserves some time for themselves.

This gorgeous box full of sixty minute candles is designed to enable you to take time out from your busy day, a thoughtful gift for a friend or loved one.

Their subtle natural honey aroma and warm flickering flame is just the thing to relax with.

Ten candles come with a star shaped ceramic holder and a pop up paper parcel with 'Time is precious' printed inside

Each candle burns for 60 minutes so you can savour that precious time just for yourself.

Made with 100% non-drip pure beeswax, our candles burn cleanly with a gentle honey aroma for sixty minutes aiding relaxation and mindfulness.

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